“All the power is within you, you can do anything and everything”

                                                     -Swami Vivekananda

Shri Ashok Ji-Chairman

I believe curiosity always leads to innovation and creativity. In Vikas Bharti School, we are always concerned about nurturing the creativity in a child and answering to the curiosity thus every child becomes self-reliant and confident. It is always our endeavor to provide each and every child a stage where their innovative ideas will be reflected.


Vikas Bharti School, a modern Gurukul, which is equipped all the possible updated infrastructure and facilities required for the children to grow physiologically and psychologically sound. Apart from the Academics, we always encourage our children to participate in the co-curricular activities because we believe in the notion that “Winning is not everything but what is important that how you are taking part”. This joint effort of ours has earned us a glorious Board’s result in the 2023 as well as a record number of our students participating in the CISCE State Level Athletics Meet and many of our students have already been selected for the Council National Games Meet, 2023.


We have been on this transformational journey for more than a score year now. I am sure the school will continue to march towards perfection under the governance of our Principal Sir.


With warm regards.

Ashok Matanhelia




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