The man who moves a mountain often begins by carrying away small stones”

Dr. Ashok.K.Pandey

Dear all,


It fills my heart with pride and joy to chair the Head of the Institution of Vikas Bharti School. I can proudly say that I am heading a school that offers a unique and intense educational opportunity with a strong emphasis on Academics, co-curricular activities, emotional and spiritual development of the children.

 It was a memorable moment for me when I joined Vikas Bharti School because I got an overwhelming response from my students and staff as well. This showed that the place is full of potentialities, the thing which is required at this point of time is thinking out of box. My priority does not end with only the educational part of students but it also covers holistic development of a child. I firmly believe in hard work, dedication, determination, consistent approach and dignity, therefore I have decided not to leave any stone unturned in order to get these goals and make this place free from all the disparities of the outer world. As we continue to collaborate with teachers, parents and students, I am confident that together we can achieve great heights in our efforts to achieve excellence in every aspect of schooling.


Here in Vikas Bharti School our main goal is to ensure a secured and caring environment where each boarder receives individual attention and support that he or she needs. We always try to create an open and trusting atmosphere where each boarder learns the value of truth and respect for others. We strongly endeavor to provide each of our boarders “A Home Away From Home”, where they feel confident and comfortable. We provide opportunities for our children where they can grow intellectually. Our aim is also to inculcate the qualities of leadership, ability to work as a team and self-responsibility among our children.


The school is always concerned about the facilities and comfort of our children. The school endeavors to upgrade the provisions for the children time to time and today I can proudly say we are equipped with the world class infrastructure and facilities. I also want to ensure that there will be a many more introductions and up gradations of the school facilities in the upcoming time.


As I sit here amidst the lush green campus of 100 Acre Area and look out of my window and see the beautiful campus, I am reminded that one of VBS is greatest assets is its ambience. Our children are able to experience the real beauty of the country side as they live and study very close to nature. We also foster a sense of community as the students, teachers and Principal all live inside the campus. Keeping in view our great and rich tradition as in the Ramayana & Mahabharata, both Ram and Krishna were sent to the forest to learn from their gurus, similarly our children are being provided with a place of solitude in order to fully engage in learning. I believe we still have a long way to go:


“The woods are lovely dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.”


Thanking You


With regards,


Dr. A.K.Pandey
M.Sc, B.Ed, PhD(Chem, IITR)



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